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Progress Map of the New Model Charkha



SAURAS Amber Charkho : NMC


In 1965 in presence of the prevailing prime minister Shri Lalbahadur Shahtri an exhibition of the first steel frame Umber Charkho and its pre-process manual equipments has been arranged in Vignan Bhavan, Delhi by an advise from the chairman of KVIC shri Dhebarbhai.










From the previous experience of wooden Charkha and “Dibba Belni” the new steel frame Umbar Charkha has been innovated. In this six spindles were for spinning the cotton and one for making tap (PUNI). Thus the new model charkho prepared. Due to its production capacity and its potential for success  with the help of KVIC initially this NMC started mainly in Rajsthan, Uttarpradesh, Bihar and Gujarat.














In 1969 Shri Aravindbhai Pandya who was looking after the R & D (Research & Development) prepared a new design for six spindles Umbar charkha including its pre-process equipments and from then manufacturing process of the SAURAS NMC started.














These SAURAS NMC became very famous from Kulu-Manali of north to Rameshwaram of South and Aasam-Bengol of east to Kutchh of west all around in India, everywhere SAURAS NMC was the famous name. day by day and year by year the family of the SAURAS NMC expanded very wide and brode.














The popularity of SAURAS NMC of Rajkot spared increased more and more in  Andhra, Bihar, Karnataka, Keral and all the states of India. At the same time with the help of KVIC this SAURAS NMC has been exported to out of India in Ethiopia, Mauritius, and Laos too. After the war of Vietnam and Cambodia with a view to provide employment by the efforts from International Labor Organization started Umbar Charkha Kendra in Laos














During the period of 1969 to 1982 in different states of the country one lack charkha supplied. Then after approximately more than one and half lack charkhas  has been supplied. Including eight spindle too. (State wise statement of the orders has been attached in appendx)














SAURAS NMC, Rajkot has got chance to be the proxy of the religious activity of providing employments to many people. This is the only equipment which can provide employment at home with very less investment. To realize this fact a very nice Charkha-Procession of three thousand six spindle charkha had been arranged in presence of the prime minister smt. Indira Gandhi. This programme imposed an example for the solution for very serious problem of unemployment.














Rajkot SAURAS NMC centre was manufacturing the 85% of the total NMC production. Today there are many NMC production centers are there in the country then also 50% of the total production is done by the SAURAS NMC centre Rajkot.














Rajkot SAURAS NMC production has the capacity to produce 20,000 NMC per year. KVIC has ordered for 18,000 NMC which had been provided within time. This centre also looks after R.& D. of the NMC. The centre had developed twelve spindle power operated charkha, 24 spindle and 48 spindles too.














Design for the Polyvastra NMC had been produced here and that types of charkha were pmanufactured here. Today also production of that polyvastra charkha is done here.














As an “After sales Services” special activity has been developed. A technical person visits to all the need base centers where any types of repairing or maintenance is required. This person repairs and trains charkha, provides information and becomes helpful to people.















For smooth operation of production process of the charkha SAURAS NMC, Rajkot look after easy availability of the spare parts of charkha. SAURAS NMC now has spread in all over the India in lacs of numbers, so it is very necessary to have easy availability of the spare parts. Above Rajkot through Ahmedabad also annually more than 25 lacs rupees spare parts are supplied to artisans through various khadi centres.
Experience and the best workmanship of the experts of SAURAS NMC till the date the quality has been maintained.