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Cluster Development Methodolgy is based on step by step growth and development with strategical planning year by year. So, during the whole scheme period a road map of action i.e. Annual Action Plans are must. In Surendranagar Khadi Cluster too Cluster Development Executive Mr. Tarunkumar Shah with guide line from T.A. has prepared the detailed and strategical plan of action for succesful implementation and growth.

In the action plan (for 1st year) main thrust has been given to replacement of NMC and looms with two reasons i.e. first to build the trust of artisan that government. really dose something for them; this is because during the earthquake happened in the past years many government. officers made many surveys and provided nothing. So to build the trust for batter implementation replacement is must. And second they suffers from old machineries and looses the production and ofcourse, wages too.
In the following years the action plan focuses on the better wages to artisans through training & skill up gradation, quality upgrading & design development, launching new Charkhas to generate the employment, establishment of warping unit, common Dying & Designing Centre.

Following are the Annual Action Plans as per the years. A Consolidated Actopn Plan for the whole scheme is also prepared.

Year 2007-2008
Year 2008-2009
Year 2009-2010
Year 2010-2011
Consolidated Action Plan